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For the Working Class – How to Dry Your Clothes Faster

Drying your clothing inside the house in the wintertime is no pickle and it’s even harder when your house is not that big. There are though some tricks you can try to dry faster your clothing inside your house. But no tip will work if you don’t have the proper clothes drying rack and you can find a good selection here: http://verycozyhome.com/best-clothes-drying-rack.

In order for you to dry your clothes keeping it fresh also, it’s important to choose the right room. It has to be a room with nou moist inside, otherwise the clothing will dry badly and get a smell also.

Choosing the bathroom as the room to dry your clothing is not a good option, almost never. Go instead for a well warmed up room and place the drying rack near the heater or in front of a window warmed by the sun light.

If you don’t have space for a bigger clothes drying rack, there are some other things to try to maximize the soace that you have. You can use a foldable drying rack that will be fixed to the wall or you can also install a foldable drying rope. You can find this kind of rope in the decorative shops.

If you are a handy man yourself, you can install by yourself a drying rack rope: you can find it in any shop and you can fix it to the wall with screws.

There are some tricks to try when you want to dry faster your clothes. First of all, avoid tighten up the clothes on the thead. Then, make a habit from using laundry hooks when drying the clothes. After all, when you put some clothing on the drying rack it will not get dry easily and it will shape folds that will be difficult to get rid of.

For a more efficient care of the t-shirts, hang them by the low side and not by the shoulders- you avoid miss shaping them like this. Finally, wait until the clothes are fully dry before folding them; otherwise, they will be moist.

If you have the possibility, dry your clothing outside, even in the wintertime. The cold doesn’t keep the clothing from drying and lets you keeping it fresh, by all means.

Always wring the clothing to eliminate maximum of water before placing the clothes on the drying rack. Take a big towel and place the wet clothes over it. Roll the towel so that it covers entirely the clothes (put the clothes at the ends of the towel and begin to roll). Wring at maximum by twisting all of it: the towel absorbs the water from the wet clothing.

Afterwards, put the clothing on the dry rack and close to a heater or a ventilator. Don’t place it though too near to the heater since it might get harden. If it’s warm outside and sunny, take the clothing in fresh air but keep in mind that the sun fades the colors. Turn them inside out before hang them on the rack.

A good tip when it comes to drying your clothes faster is to place them, neatly folded, in a plastic bag and place them in the freezer. Leave it there until it’s completely dry and even leave it overnight. Iron them iron the clothing.

Did you ever think to use the hairdryer for your clothes? Well, use it in case of emergency and keep it at a reasonable distance to avoid ruining the fabric. For a shirt or some trousers, use this as a last option since it takes some time to finish.

Most important tip when it comes to drying your clothing? Never place the clothes drying rack in a moist room; they won’t get dry easily and they will get a misty smell…